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FAQ's Frequently asked questions

Every year we get bombarded with questions from you guys, this year we have tried to answer some of the most common questions asked. If your question still isnt being answered, please get in touch.

1.What is Haulage64?

Haulage64 is an annual event on TruckersMP hosted by Flagship Events. The concept is a 64 hour convoy/event around the TruckersMP map. our main aim is to raise as many donations and as much awareness as possible to help charities. The charity for 2017 is "Make-A-Wish Foundation".

2.What are you using to collect donations?

All donations are processed via PayPal.

3.Why do you claim to have over 2000 participants?

Over the past 2 years running Haulage 64 we have entertained more than 2000 participants. We cannot give an exact figure as we don't have the exact participant count for 2015. However, our count for 2016 was 1630!

4.4 Awards? What are they?

  • Event of the Year 2015 (TruckersMP Community Awards 2015)
  • Event of the Year 2016 (TruckersMP Community Awards 2016)
  • Event Team of the Year 2016 (TruckersMP Community Awards 2016)
  • Top 5% JustGiving Fundraisers UK 2016

5. How much money do I have to donate?

The simple answer, as much or as little as you like. However we recommend a minimum of £2.

6. Do you have to be at the event for the whole 64 hours?

No. How long you spend at the event is completely up to you. We update our social media regularily during the event to you will be able to join us later in the journey.

We have seen in the past that some like to challenge themselves to stay for as long as they can, but any amount of time you spend with us, makes you awesome!

Disclaimer: We would not reccomend nor encourage staying for the full 64 hours. This amount of time awake can be dangerous and the welfare of our staff and participants is important to us. Our team work in shift format, only working for short periods of 2 hours. We would always encourage our participants to take a break.

7. What is Flagship Events?

Flagship Events is a team of dedicated and commited event operators, planners and event managers who give up their own time to to provide the TruckersMP Community with the events they know and love. The team have been voted the best event team by the community, and their events have been voted first and second in the annual community awards in 2015 and 2016.

8. Does it really go on for 64 hours?

Yes. Including rest stops, Haulage 64 really does go on continuously for 64 whole hours (minuimum)

9. Do I have to drive with a specific paint?


Although we have an official paint design and colours for Haulage 64, there is no requirement to paint your truck; However, we reccomend it to show you further support to the event and more importantly, the charity.

H64 Rules Follow all TruckersMP Rules

Please make sure you follow all TruckersMP Rules while attending Haualge 64. Show respect to others at the event and remember the most important rule,

  • Everyone who participates must follow the TruckersMP Rules.
  • All beacons and auxiliary lights must be switched off to reduce lag (This is with the exception of the convoy operations team)
  • Horn spam is not allowed as it can annoy people and has been known to occasionally cause unnecessary lag to some.
  • Follow the instructions of In-game admins and all event staff
  • If you require an enroute fuel stop, please pull off at a fuel station and re-join the convoy in a safe manner.
  • Overtaking is only permitted if the person in front of you is extremely lagging; if you do overtake please keep to the truckersmp rules on overtaking.
  • Everyone who joins “Haulage 64” MP server must be attendees of the event. No free roam driving is allowed, you will be kicked from the server.
  • Cars are not allowed at H64 (Admins are exempt), all attendees must have a trailer. Anyone with a car or no trailer will be kicked.
  • Please park in your assigned parking spots at Roscoff. (if you have one) - Please drive carefully when in the port as its not a NCZ
  • If you lag please drive at the back of the convoy.